New version of Orion Pro template and its free fork OrionKit Antares had just released. In this version except the new style Antares I added some new features:

Full Height HeaderFull Height Header - This option makes the minimal height of the header same as the browser height. It's the nice feature for home pages, you can use any beautiful image as a background or use build-in slideshow and place there some modules.

Hover menu-bar(pro only) - If you want to have a bar for quick access to main menu but fixed menu-bar annoys a little, I found another solution, the menu-bar which appears only if you mouse is hover an icon at the top.

Alternative Blog layout -The default blog layout is rather boring isn't it? I made the alternative one. It looks like a horizontal or vertical cards 1-3 ones in a row(Demos are menu Articles OK Blog - x). Note - it's BETA read the note in docs.

Icon Elements - It's just improved element formerly known as iModules. Now it can be as the link as well and can have the button style. Note - button style displays correcte only in Antares style, do not use in another ones for now, in next version I'll fix it.

Note: Full Height Header, and Hover menu-bar work only in the Antares style, in the next version the menu bar will be added in the rest styles, the Full Height Header in the compatible ones(not in every).

Orion Pro download page(Pro members)

Antares download page(Free download)