FA Icon Panel

This module displays the Font Awesome icons as the parallel boxes or column. Can be used as decorative element of the design, or menu.


Main Features

Font Awesome 5
1294 icons(vs 675 Icons in ver 1)
79 animation effects(vs 40 in ver 1)
24 hover effects
5 icon boxes styles
2 modes - Vertical or Horizontal
6 icons in row
Caption option - add title or short text to icon 
Link option - menu item or URL 
Customizing - colors, size, different depths shadows 

Important Notes: 
1. Version 2 doesn't fully compatible with previos version 1, FA font 5 has another codes, all you need if update is to select icons again.
2.Some styles were removed as not used and not look good

You should have the Pro Subscription to download pro version