Hi, we just updated the module - rewrote js script 'Match the Cards' which makes images and cards same height for the more balanced look in horizontal mode(problem was not finaly fixed in the previous update).
Pay attention to a new field "Min Image Height".
This parameter is required - default is 80, but it's just min for our test width image ratio about 3X1 - horisontal one)
This parameter is necessary  because the images can load dynamically and do it sometimes when after ready(loaded) page(DOM) and script cannot detect images height as script already did it, the js script didn't find images and set image container height zero.
To avoid to have the image container has the height zero in some cases we added new field min height. For 3 cards it can be 100-300(px), but it's depend on layout used image ratio etc. We will add more info in the module docs later, it's not so complicated actually.