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Most of functions are simple and clear enough, so we will not be describe everything. For now we add documentation for functions which can be a little complicated.
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Note: The component is in the active development and it means some videos and screenshots can differ from current version of component(for example done for earlier version) - but ii'll try to update them too

Also the component called for short - LP

If something not clear for you ask a question in comment here and we add it first.

OK Landing Pages Component - Installation and adding the page in the menu

Set component for template

 As all templates have the side paddings for content area, the section backgrounds(if you use) can't fill all space and you will find gaps around components.

There're two methods to fix it.

Quick decision is to use our Pro templates Orion Pro or Saturn Pro which has the special style for it.


If you use your template it's for sure have paddings for content area, so Landing Page will look not good(it will have gaps around component)
You can set negative offset to fill it

 Note: Also not recommended to use sidebars or modules above and below component



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